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General Mathematics

(Lectures: 3h/week, tutorial 1h/week. Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September)

  • Elements of Set Theory: (set operations, Cartesian product, relations, mappings)
  • Elements of Linear Algebra: (matrices, discussion and resolution of systems of linear equations)
  • · Elements of Analytic Geometry and Vector Calculus (equation of the straight line, of conic sections, of the plane; vector products)
  • Elements of Differential and Integral Calculus (limits of functions and sequences, the notion of series, continuity, derivatives and differentials, the definite and indefinite integral)
  • Elements of Ordinary Differential Equations (linear first order homogeneous and non homogeneous, of separable variables, linear second order with constant coefficients, systems of linear first order equations)
  • Applications of the above in the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Life Sciences