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The Pharmacy degree is a five year undergraduate course curriculum leading to the award of a Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Sc in Pharmacy). The five-year studies are divided in ten semesters. Within the five-year period, students are required to complete a one year practical experience in a pharmacy store, hospital or industry, in order to be eligible for the Pharmacy Board Examinations (administered by the Ministry of Health). Only graduates who have passed the Pharmacy Board Examinations are registered Pharmacists.

The curriculum has courses which can be either theoretical only, or they can also include laboratory training. All courses are semestrerial and a number of credits are granted to each of them depending on the hours taught, the existence of laboratory training and the importance of the course iself, for the pharmacy curriculum. The total number of credits for the Pharmacy degree is 253; 209 come from the 38 compulsory courses and 22 from the elective courses. Of the 22 elective courses offered, each student must take at least 11 and prepare a dissertation or 14 without preparing the dissertation.

Students are required to pass examinations in all courses.

Examinations take place at the end of each term (February or June). In case of failure a second examination is allowed in September. If a student fails twice within one year, he/she is eligible to take exams in the following years, three times each year.