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 Pouli Nicole

Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry




  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Athens University, Greece, 1988. In my thesis entitled "Pyrethroids: Design and synthesis of some new compounds" the synthesis, identification and application of some substituted cyclopropanecarboxylic acid esters, oxime ethers and carbamic acid esters is described.
  • BSc in Pharmacy. Department of Pharmacy, Athens University, Greece, 1982.
  • High School Certificate. 3rd Corfu High School, Greece, 1978.

 Research topics

  •  Synthesis and study of structure-activity relationships of some new compounds with potential antiviral or anticancer activity: nucleoside derivatives, DNA-intercalators, enzyme inhibitors etc. Design and synthesis of centrally active compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

 List of recent publications

  • The Synthesis of the New C-nucleoside 6-Deazaformycin B. S. Korouli, N. Lougiakis, P. Marakos, N. Pouli. Synlett (2008), 15, 181-184.
  • The synthesis of a novel C-nucleoside designed as guanosine analogue. V. Ν. Κourafalos,T. Tite, E. Mikros, P. Marakos, N. Pouli, J. Balzarini. Synlett, (2008) 3129-3132.
  • Synthesis and free radical scavenging activity of some new spiropyranocoumarins. V. Panteleon, I. K. Kostakis, P. Marakos, N. Pouli, I. Andreadou. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., (2008), 18, 5781-5784.
  • The Application of Mitsunobu Cyclization for the Synthesis of 2’,3’-Dideoxy-C-nucleosides Designed as Didanosine Analogues., T. Tite, N. Lougiakis, P. Marakos,  N. Pouli, Synlett, (2009), 1741-1744.
  • Design and Synthesis of New C-Nucleosides as Potential Adenosine Deaminase Inhibitors, T. Tite, N. Lougiakis, V. Myrianthopoulos, P. Marakos, E. Mikros, N. Pouli, R. Tenta, E. Fragopoulou, T. Nomikos, Tetrahedron, (2010), in press.


Nicole Pouli
Associate Professor
University of Athens
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
157 71 Athens
Τel: 210 727-4185  Fax: 210 727-4747
E-mail: pouli[at]pharm.uoa[dot]gr