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 Vlachou - Kontantinidou Marilena

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology



  • Doctorate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology (1992). National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

  • BSc in Pharmacy. Faculty of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1988).

  • BA in Pedagogy (Didactics), 1985. Teachers College, Athens, Greece.

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Greek Pharmaceutical Society.

  • Member, Greek Society of Pharmaceutical Technology.

  • Member, Greek Dermatological and Venereological Society.

  • Member, Greek Society of Cosmetology.

  • Member, Greek Section of the Society of the Controlled Release of Drugs.

Research topics

  • Formulation and in vitro release studies of drugs belonging to a plethora of therapeutic categories. These studies are principally aiming at the controlled and sustained release of bioactive molecules from solid pharmaceutical formulations, such as polymers and cyclodextrins.

List of recent publications

• M. Efentakis, S. Koligliati, M. Vlachou Design and evaluation of a dry coated drug delivery system with an impermeable cup, swellable top layer and pulsatile release. Int. J. Pharm., 311, 147-156, (2006).

• V. Papadopoulou, K. Kosmidis, M. Vlachou, P. Macheras On the use of the Weibull function for the discernment of drug release mechanisms. Int. J. Pharm., 309, 44-50, (2006).

• M. Efentakis, I. Pagoni, M. Vlachou, K. Avgoustakis Dimensional changes, gel layer evolution and drug release studies in hydrophilic matrices loaded with drugs of different solubility Int. J. Pharm., 339,66-75, (2007).

• Tsotinis, M. Vlachou, M. Gerasimopoulou, A. Eikosipentaki, C. Ioannidis, A. Klouvidaki, P.A. Afroudakis, D. Moreau, C. Roussakis
Symmetrical Derivatives of C2-Substituted Pyrrolo[2,3-f]quinolines: Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Drug Delivery Studies Lett. Drug Des. Discov., 4, 87-91, (2007).

• M. Vlachou, Hani Naseef, Manuel Efentakis Utilization of hydrophilic swellable polymers as carriers for sustained drug delivery from matrices and three layer tablet systems Curr. Drug Delivery, 7, 334-42, (2010).

• M. Efentakis, N. Hani, M. Vlachou Two and three-layer tablet drug delivery systems for oral sustained release of soluble and poorly soluble drugs Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm., 36(8), 903-916, (2010).


• M. Vlachou*, V. Ioannidou, M. Vertzoni, A. Tsotinis, P. Afroudakis, D. Sugden. Controlled Release from Solid Pharmaceutical Formulations of two Nalkanoyl-4-methoxybicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-trien-7-ethanamines with Melatoninergic Activity. Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 12, 259-262, (2015).


Assistant Professor Marilena Vlachou
University of Athens
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
157 71 Athens
Tel.: +30 210 7274674