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 Skaltsa Helen D.

Professor,  Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry



  • 1994 : Research fellow, Dept. of Organic Chemistry, University of Valencia, Spain

  • 1988: Research assistant, School of Medicine, University of Nantes, France (Awarded a 6month Scholarship by the University of Nantes)

  • 1985: Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) in Pharmacognosy, Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, University of Athens, Greece

  • 1981: License of Pharmaceutical profession, Ministry of Health, Athens, Greece.

  • 1981: Pharmacist, School of Pharmacy, University of Athens, Greece

Research topics

  • Phytochemistry, i.e. isolation and identification of secondary metabolites from medicinal and aromatic plants [Sesquiterpene lactones, iridoids, diterpenoids, flavonoids, phenylethanoid glycosides, monoterpene glucosides, phenolic glycosides, phloroglucinols, essential oils etc].

  • Spectroscopy, highfield NMR, 1D & 2D: COSY, HSQC, HMBC, ROESY, NOESY, TOCSY etc, Mass Spectroscopy etc.

  • Analytical techniques: HPLC, MPLC , VLC, CC, TLC.

  • Biological activity of secondary metabolites of medicinal plants, especially antibacterial and antifungal activities, antioxidant activity, cytotoxic/cytostatic activity

  • Environmental research and chemical ecology, as well as virtual screening, docking, QSAR, and prediction of ADME properties of the isolated bioactive secondary metabolites.


Memberships in International Scientific Societies

  • International Academy of the History of Pharmacy

  • Society for Medicinal Plants

  • Société Française d’ Histoire de la Pharmacie

  • American Society of the History of Pharmacy


List of recent publications

  • In vitro Anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of Greek Herbal Medicines. George Stamatis, Panayiotis Kyriazopoulos, Stamatina Golegou, A. Basayiannis,
    Spyros Skaltsas, Helen Skaltsa*. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2003, 88, 175-179.

  • Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activity of Prenylated Bicyclic Acylphloroglucinol Derivatives from Hypericum amblycalyx. K. Winkelmann, M. San, Z. Kypriotakis, H. Skaltsa*, B. Bosilij, J. Heilmann*. Zeitschrift fόr Naturforschung C, 2003, 58C, 527-532.

  • Labdane diterpenes from Marrubium velutinum and Marrubium cylleneum. A. Karioti, J. Heilmann, H. Skaltsa*. Phytochemistry, 2005, 66 (9): 1060-1066.
    Polar constituents from the aerial parts of O. vulgare L. ssp. hirtum, growing wild in Greece.Catherine Koukoulitsa, A. Karioti, M. C. Bergonzi, G. Pescitelli, L. Di Bari, H. Skaltsa*. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, 2006, 54, 5388-5392.

  • Identification of tyrosinase inhibitors from Marrubium velutinum and Marrubium cylleneum. A. Karioti, A. Protopappa, N. Megoulas, H. Skaltsa* BMC, 2007, 15, 2708–2714.

  • A novel sesquiterpene lactone from Centaurea pullata: structure elucidation, antimicrobial activity, and prediction of pharmacokinetic properties. S. Djeddi, A. Karioti, M. Sokovic, C. Koukoulitsa, and H. Skaltsa*. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2008, 3725–3731.

  • Labdane diterpenes from Marrubium thessalum. C.Argyropoulou, A. Karioti, H. Skaltsa* Phytochemistry, 2009, 70, 635-640.

  • Sesquiterpene Lactones from Anthemis melanolepis and their Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activities. Prediction of their Pharmacokinetic Profile. Saroglou, Vasiliki; Karioti, Anastasia; Rancik, Ana; Dimas, Kostas; Koukoulitsa, Catherine; Zervou, Maria; Skaltsa, Helen* J. Nat. Prod. 2010, 73, 242-246.

  • Quercus ilex L.: A rich source of polyacylated flavonoid glucosides. A. Karioti, A. R. Bilia, H. Skaltsa*. Food Chemistry, 2010, 123 (1), 131-142.

  • Depsides and Other Polar Constituents from Origanum dictamnus L. and Their in Vitro Antimicrobial Activity in Clinical Strains. A. Chatzopoulou, A. Karioti, C. Gousiadou, V. Lax Vivancos, P. Kyriazopoulos, S. Golegou, H. Skaltsa*. JAFC, 2010, 58, 6064–6068.


 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
 School of Pharmacy
 Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products
 Athens 15771, Greece
 Tel & Fax: + 30210 727-4593
 E-mail: skaltsa[at]pharm.uoa[dot]gr