Compulsory / Teaching hours per week: 3 / Laboratory hours per week: 3 /Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 5


Vassili Kouvelis, Assist. Professor
Panagoula Kollia, Professor
Maria Sarika, EDIP 
Claudia Gementzi, EDIP

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    • The Chemistry of Life (1 Hour): Atoms, bonds and simple molecules. The biological importance of water. Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic acids.
    • The Cell - Structure and Function (3 Hours): Biological Membranes: Structure and Function. Organelles. Cytoskeleton. 
    • Energy and Metabolism – Cellular Respiration (3 Hours): Forms of Energy - Energy Transformations. The Laws of Thermodynamics. Free Energy, ATP and cellular work. Enzymes. ATP production. Glycolysis, cycle of Krebs, oxidative phosphorylation. Fermentation.
    • Cell Cycle and Cell Division (3 Hours): Mitosis. Regulators of Cell Cycle Progression.
    • Meiosis (3 Hours): Mechanism. Oogenesis. Spermatogenesis. Artificial Reproduction.
    • Introduction to Genetics (3 Hours): Mendelian Laws. Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance. Genetic recombination. Gene mapping.
    • From Nucleic acids to Proteins (9 Hours): Replication. RNA synthesis (Transcription). Protein Synthesis (Translation). The Genetic Code. Repair mechanisms.
    • Viruses (1 Hour): Structure and reproduction. Viroids. Prions.
    • Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA Technology (3 Hours): Restriction enzymes, Cloning. DNA vectors. Selection of transformed cells. Study of Human Genome and Modern Medicine. Subjects of Moral Safety.
    • Genetic Diseases – Chromosomal Mutations (3 Hours). Karyotype, chromosomal abnormalities, chromosomal syndromes.
    •  Genetic Diseases – Blood Disorders (3 Hours). Abnormal hemoglobin production, sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia.
    • Pharmacogenomics (3 Hours). Applications of knowledge to human genome, pharmacogenomics.
Topics of Laboratory Exercises
    • Microscopy - Cellular Division: Mitosis - Meiosis. 
    • DNA Isolation.
    • Blood, blood cell types, blood typing.