(Compulsory course / Teaching hours per week: 4 / Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 6)


C. Reppas (Professor), G. Valsami (Professor), M. Symillidou (Associate Professor)

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    • Introduction
    • Intravenous administration - One compartment open model: iv bolus injection, iv infusion.
    • Distribution of drugs in the body: Mechanisms of drug distribution, factors affecting drug distribution, apparent volume of distribution, protein binding
    • Drug elimination from the body: The concept of drug clearance – renal (urine excretion) and hepatic elimination (biotransformation) – Michaelis Menten kinetics.
    • Per os administration - One compartment open model: Zero and first order absorption kinetics
    • Per os administration – The process of drug absorption after per os administration: Release of drugs from the dosage forms, drug delivery to and removal from the uptake sites, transport via the intestinal epithelium.
    • Bioavailability – Bioequivalence: Basic concepts