(Compulsory course / Teaching hours per week: 5 / Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 6)


E. Roditi (Assis. Professor), Ε. Giannakaki (Lecturer), Department of Physiscs, NKUoA

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This course is an introduction in Physics, topics that are covered are:
    • Mechanics of a point object
    • Work, Energy, Power
    • Mechanics of rigid bodies (statics of rigid bodies, kinematics of rigid bodies, dynamics of rigid bodies)
    • Heat - Thermodynamics
    • Optics (Nature and propagation of light, reflection and refraction, conduciveness, diffraction, barriers and spectra, polarization)
    • Atomic physics (structure of atoms, atoms with one electron, atoms with many electrons, Roentgen Rays)
    • Nuclear physics
    • Electricity - Electromagnetism