Compulsory/ Teaching hours per week: 3 / Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 3


Eleni Skaltsa - Professor
Eugenia Tsitsa – Associate Professor

Course site (e-class): https://eclass.uoa.gr/courses/PHARM116


The evolution of medicines from prehistoric times to the present is examined.
    • Medicines are described, as recorded in medical manuscriptsfrom the 5th century BC. (classic period) and then (hellenistic, roman, byzantine periods). Their influence on medical textbooks of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is noted.
    • The influence of Arabs on pharmaceuticals
    • Herbal remedies from the New World.
    • Development of synthetic pharmaceutical chemistry.
    • IIndustrial production of medicines. Biotechnological medicines.
    • Pharmacy of modern Greece.
    • Greek official and unofficial Pharmacopoeias. The changes in each Edition are highlighted based on the evolution of the Pharmaceutical Science.
    • The role of Ethnopharmacology in modern Phytotherapy and the discovery of new drugs.