(Compulsory course / Teaching hours per week: 3 / Laboratory hours per week: 9 / Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September / Credits: 4)


C. Demetzos (Professor), Μ. Vlachou (Assistant Professor)

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The Pharmaceutical Technology I course apart from encompassing the physicochemical principles met in the field of Pharmacy, it refers to the preparation and properties of the pharmaceutical dosage forms.
Subjects covered include:
    • Thermodynamic principles
    • Micrometrics
    • Rheology and admixture of powders and pellets
    • Pulverization and drying of solid dosage forms
    • Solutions-Coarse dispersions
    • Rheology of semisolids
    • Drug formulations
    • Drug interactions and incompatibilities
    • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: Nanoparticle Production Process, Nanoparticle Characterization, Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications, 
    • Nanodrugs in clinical practice
    • 4th Generation Polymeric Colloids
    • Dendrimeric Transfer and Release Systems of Bioactive Cells
    • Polymeric Cells cross-linking capability as a base for the development of dendrimers with medicinal properties
    • Lipid nanocolloidal transfer and release systems 
    • Thermotropic Properties of Liposome Building Units 
    • Liposome Applications in Pharmaceutical and Medicine
    • Guidelines for Successful industrial production of liposomal drugs