(Elective / Teaching hours per week: 3/ Laboratory hours per week: 0/Assessment: final exam at the end of each term and/or September and optional term paper/Credits: 3 )


Angeliki Kourounakis, Associate Professor
Andreas Papapetropoulos, Professor

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    • Molecular basis of drug action.
    • Major drug targets.
    • Drug-Receptor bonding interactions.
    • Types of Receptors.  Superfamilies of ligand-gated ion channels, GPCRs, Tyrosine kinase and intracelluar receptors.  Signal transduction pathways and their role in drug action.
    • Types of Drug-Receptor interaction (agonists, antagonists, partial and inverse agonists)
    • Contribution of molecular pharmacology to Ligand/Drug Design
    • Molecular mechanism of free radical processes in the body and inhibition thereof.
    • Nucleic acids as drug targets/ drugs acting on DNA or RNA.
    • Applications of molecular biology and genetic engineering in pharmacotherapy. Oligo/polynucleotides as therapeutic agents. 
    • Biotechnological drugs (preparation, mechanism of action, applications) for growth factors, cytokines, antibodies.