(elective / Teaching hours per week: 3 / Laboratory hours per week: - /Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 3 )


Evangelos Gikas, Assistant Professor
Yannis Dotsikas, Assistant Professor 

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    • Chemical Stability Testing and Life Time of Pharmaceutical Products: Kinetic Relationships of Reactions. Thermodynamic principles of degradation reactions, determination of lifetime of active compounds. Arrhenius theory, Eyring-Polanyi theory.
    • Hydrolytic degradation of drugs. Factors affecting the rate of hydrolytic reactions. Techniques and methods for preventing hydrolytic degradation in drugs. Oxidative degradation of drugs.
    • Factors affecting the rate of oxidation. Techniques and methods that inhibit the oxidative degradation of drugs.
    • Photochemical changes of the active ingredients: (Photolysis in vivo, Effect of radiation on the molecules. Photochemical and photosensitized reactions, Factors affecting photosensitized chemical reactions, Photolytic bond cleavage, Instantaneous and photochemical cleavage. Photolytic reaction kinetics.
    • Protein stability