The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Athens has, from the academic year 1993-1994, organised and carried out the Program of Postgraduate Studies, as in accordance of the provisions of articles 10-12 N.2083/1992, as decided by the General Assembly of Special Composition on 12-05-1993.

The objectives of the postgraduate studies are, first and foremost, the promotion of scientific knowledge but also for the amplification of research and development as well the educational needs of the country in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. More specifically, these studies aim to offer specialisation for new scientists in both the broad band of pharmaceutical sciences and the more defined partial sectors, aiming at the appointment of scientists capable of contributing to the educational and economic growth of the country. Moreover, the postgraduate studies which lead to the acquisition of Doctoral diplomas, aspire to the appointment of scientists with extensive knowledge and educational abilities, which will in turn contribute to foster the growth of pharmaceutical sciences and the applications thereof which will cover numerous specialisation fields.

In addition, the program of postgraduate studies also aims to develop an internationally high level of education which will appeal to students both here and abroad.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, the Faculty of Pharmacy has set up collaborations within the university itself, with other educational bodies in Greece, as well as with institutions abroad so as to enhance, recognition and alliances with the pharmaceutical industry of Greece.

The Program of Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Pharmacy, grants:

a.Master in the following fields:

Cosmetics - Skin Pharmacology


Clinical Pharmacy

Medicinal Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Analysis - Quality Control

Pharmacognosy and Chemistry Natural Products

Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

Industrial Pharmacy


b. Doctoral Degree in the Pharmaceutical Sciences
According to the provisions of the operative regulations of the Program of Postgraduate Studies, graduates of the Faculties of Pharmacy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Medicine, Veterinary and Agriculture of Greece and analogous departments abroad, are accepted. In the field of Clinical Pharmacy, only graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy can be accepted.

The candidate selection for the Postgraduate program is carried out according to the operative regulations thereof.

The programs are extended over a defined period which is set at:

A minimum of four semesters for the Master

Four additional semesters (minimal) for the Doctoral Degree in the Pharmaceutical Sciences.