The master programme in Design and Development of Drug Molecules with the direction Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry is held in collaboration with NCSR Demokritos, the only center in Greece that have and can handle radioactive nuclei. 

The programme’s duration is four semesters including lectures and seminars during the initial 2 semesters assessed by written examinations and literature review projects. Students gain indepth knowledge and specialize in selected areas through working for two years individually on a laboratory research project supervised by a Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory Faculty member. Τhe subject of the research thesis can include synthesis of complexes of radionuclide with ligands of potential diagnostic interest, of conjugates consisting by ligands of disease proteins and drugs (with the conjugates acting as pro-drugs) which can combine also a nuclide chelating moiety, with therapeutic and /or diagnostic potential or molecular imaging applications, and the biological evaluation of their biological activity in vitro and in mice.

Entry requirements 

The program is aimed towards graduates from Departments of Pharmacy,  Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Agricultural sciences, Medical Schools and other related disciplines.  Selection criteria include the degree GPA and the grades in relevant courses (Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology etc), letters of recommendation, additional degrees or master’s degree in a similar field etc. The candidate's research experience in the field of interest or a similar field, demonstrated by publications or presentations in conferences, is an advantage for eligibility and selection.  Graduates from foreign Universities should have a degree recognized by the Hellenic National Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP). The level of English language knowledge should be at least of B2 level.

Each candidate will be required to participate in an interview hosted by the master’s program 5-membered coordinating committee. 


Courses (60 ECTS) are held daily on a semester basis in Greek language. 

Advanced Medicinal Chemistry Ι (1st semester)
Biochemical and Molecular Pharmacology  (1st semester) 
Synthetic Strategy for Drug Molecules (1st semester)
Advanced Organic Chemistry Ι (1st  semester)
Spectroscopic Methods I (1st semester)

Advanced Medicinal Chemistry IΙ (2nd  semester)
Advanced Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry IΙ (2nd  semester)
Synthesis and Production of Radiopharmaceutical Drugs (2nd semester)
Quality Control of Medicines (2nd semester)
Attendance of 12 seminars (Invited guest lectures)


Tuition Fees:  2,800 € for the two years of master’s studies. A fees waiver may be granted for students with a low personal or family income according to the relevant legislation (ΦΕΚ 1258/19-06-2019). 

Potential Supervisors 

Researchers of NCSR Demokritos: I. Pirmetis, M. Papadopoulos (active links). The research thesis project may also be performed in collaboration with faculty members from the other two Divisions of the Pharmacy Department of or other Departments (Chemistry,Biology, Medical Schools) or researchers from Research Institutes such as Chemical Biology (NHRF), NCSR Demokritos (P. Bouzioti), Alexander Fleming (BSRC) or the Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens.