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The Department is the basic educational and academic unit of an Institution for Higher Education. In accordance with the current provisions of the Law 4009/2011 (Government Gazette 195/issue A'/6-9-2011) for "Structure, operation, quality assurance of studies and the internationalisation of higher education institutions" and the Law 4076/2012 (Government Gazette 159/issue A'/10-8-2012) for "Regulating issues of Higher Education Institutions and other provisions", the main objectives of the Department of Pharmacy are to promote education and research into the pharmaceutical sciences and technology, and to that end it continually promotes improvements/changes in the curriculum in line with the changes in the nature/demands of the pharmaceutical profession. 
The decision-making bodies or administrative bodies of the department are:
a) Department Chair
b) General Assembly of the Department and, if they have been established, Sections
c) Section Director
d) General Assembly of the Section

As regards the legislation which governs the responsibilities of these bodies, the provisions that were in force prior to those of the Law 4009/2011 apply.

The Head of the Department is elected, together with his/her replacement, by direct, secret and universal vote, by the members of the teaching staff or by the members of that specific category of personnel in the Institution, for a two-year term, and may be re-elected for one additional term. 

The Head of the Department, in case of his absence or an impediment, may be replaced by a Professor or Associate Professor appointed by himself.

The General Assembly of the Department is composed of the Professors and the lecturers of the Department, in accordance with the provisions in force at the time of enforcement of the Law 4009/2011, a representative, by category, of the members of the Special Education Staff (SPD, the members of the Laboratory Teaching Personnel (EDIP) and the members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (EETEP), as well as two representatives of the students of the Department (one undergraduate and one postgraduate student) elected in accordance with the provisions of the Law 4009/11 and the Law 4076/12.


The Head Professor Reppas Christos
The Deputy Head Professor Andreas Papapetropoulos

Directors of the Sections of:

  • Pharmaceuticaltechnology Ass. Professor Dalas Paraskevas
  • Pharmaceuticalchemistry Professor Mikros Emmanuel
  • Pharmacognosy and chemistryof natural products Professor Roussis Vasilios

Directors of the Laboratories of:

  • Pharmaceutical technology Professor Konstantinos Demetzos 
  • Biopharmaceutics-pharmacokinetics Professor Markatnoni-Kyroudi Sofia
  • Pharmaceuticalchemistry Professor Nikolais Pouli 
  • Pharmaceuticalanalysis Professor Irene Panteri
  • Pharmacology Professor Andreas Papapetropoulos 
  • Pharmacognosyandchemistryofnaturalproducts Professor IoannaChinou
  • Laboratory of Valorization of Bioactive Natural Products Professor Skaltsounis Alexios-Leandros