Assistant Professor,  Section of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry




  • Postdoctoral studies at the US Department of Agriculture National Laboratory of Natural Product Research
  • PhD in Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products (Department of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) Degree: Excellent
  • Postgraduate Diploma in "Pharmacognosy of Bioactive Natural Products" (Department of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). Grade: Excellent
  • Degree in Pharmacy (School of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). Grade: Very good


  • Undergraduate courses/labs: Lab of Pharmacognosy I, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. 
  • Graduate courses: Phytochemical analysis, Biological Evaluations & Biotechnology, Seminars. 

Research topics

  • Natural Product Chemistry, isolation and identification of small molecules derived from plants, micro-organisms and marine organisms.
  • Study of the biological role of natural products and their derivatives.
  • Use of biotechnology to produce bioactive molecules from microorganisms
  • Discovery of new natural products with anti-aging activity.
  • Exploitation of bioactive natural products as pharmaceuticals, functional foods, cosmetics and bio-pesticides.


  • 2011-2019 Elected member of the board of directors of the international scientific society “Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research”
  • 2015-2018 Member of the Research Evaluation Committee of the National Research Organization (ANR) of France.
  • 2010 Arthur Neish Award from the Phytochemical Society of North America (PSNA)
  • 2006 American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) Award
  • 2005-2006: OECD Scholarship (Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • 2001-2004: Fellowship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece
  • 1999 Postgraduate Award, IKY

Recent publications

  • Terrestrial microorganisms - a source of bioactive compounds with skin protective effects. L.A. Peyrat, N. Tsafantakis, K. Georgousaki, J. Ouazzani, O. Genilloud, I.P. Trougakos and N. Fokialakis, Molecules, 2019, 24 (9), 1836.
  • Comparative UHPLC-HRMS Profiling, Toxicological Assessment, and Protection Against H2O2-Induced Genotoxicity of Different Parts of Opuntia ficus indica. N.Tsafantakis, E.S Katsanou, K.Kyriakopoulou, E.C. Psarou, I. Raptaki, A.L Skaltsounis, M. Audebert, K.A Machera, N. Fokialakis, Journal of Medicinal food, 2019,
  • Biological evaluation of isoflavonoids from Genista halacsyi using estrogen-target cells: Activities of glucosides compared to aglycones.  Fokialakis N, Alexi X, Aligiannis N, Boulaka A, Meligova AK, et al. PLOS ONE 2019, 14(1): e0210247. doi:10.371/journal.pone.0210247  
  • Triterpenes from Echinops spinosissimus Turra subsp. Spinosissimus. N.Tsafantakis, K.Zelianeos, A.Termentzi, A.Vontzalidou, N.Aligiannis, N.Fokialakis, Phytochemistry Letters, 2019, 30, 273-277
  • Unraveling the Detoxification Mechanism of 2, 4-Dichlorophenol by Marine-Derived Mesophotic Symbiotic Fungi Isolated from Marine Invertebrates E Nikolaivits, A Agrafiotis, A Termentzi, K Machera, G Le Goff, P Álvarez, .S.Chavanich, Y. Benayahu, J. Ouazzani, N. Fokialakis, E.Topakas, Marine Drugs 2019, 17 (10), 564.
  • Cercospora sp. as a source of anti-aging polyketides targeting 26S proteasome and scale-up production in submerged bioreactor. K Georgousaki, N Tsafantakis, S Gumeni, V González-Menéndez, J.Rubén Tormo, C. Almeida, C. Lambert, O. Genilloud, I. P Trougakos, N. Fokialakis, Journal of biotechnology, 2019, 301, 88-96.
  • Leaf structure and phytochemical analysis of Aristolochia baetica, a traditionally used pharmaceutical plant. NS Christodoulakis, K Kotsironi, N Tsafantakis, AL Stefi, N Fokialakis. Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants 2019, 25 (2), 88-103.
  • Bioactive Metabolites of the Stem Bark of Strychnos aff. darienensis and Evaluation of their Antioxidant and UV Protection Activity in Human Skin Cell Cultures. A Travasarou, MT Angelopoulou, K Vougogiannopoulou, A. Papadopoulou, N.Aligiannis, C. L Cantrell, D. Kletsas, N. Fokialakis, H.Pratsinis. Cosmetics 2019, 6 (7), 1-10.
  • Osmanicin, a Polyketide Alkaloid Isolated from Streptomyces osmaniensis CA-244599 Inhibits Elastase in Human Fibroblasts. MN Samy, G Le Goff, P Lopes, K Georgousaki, S Gumeni, C Almeida, I.González, O. Genilloud, I.Trougakos, N. Fokialakis, J.Ouazzani. Molecules 2019, 24 (12), 2239.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction of mastic gum and chemical characterization of bioactive fractions using LC-HRMS/MS and GC-MS. N. Xynos, A. Termentzia,, N. Fokialakis, L.A. Skaltsounis , N. Aligiannis. Journal of supercritical fluids, 2018, 133, 349-356.
  • A two-season impact study on Globularia alypum: adaptive leaf structures and secondary metabolite variations. S. Mamoucha, N. Tsafantakis, N. Fokialakis, N. S. Christodoulakis. Plant Biosystems, 2018.  doi: 10.1080/11263504.2017.1418449   
  • Innovative Approach to Sustainable Marine Invertebrate Chemistry and a Scale-Up Technology for Open Marine Ecosystems. P. Vlachou, G. Le Goff, C. Alonso, P. A. Álvarez, J.F. Gallard , N. Fokialakis, J. Ouazzani, Marine Drugs, 2018, 16, 0152; doi:10.3390/md16050152  
  • Cancer chemoprevention via activation of proteostatic modules. A. Sklirou a, E.-D. Papanagnou a, N. Fokialakis, I. P. Trougakos, Cancer Letters, 2018, 413, 110-121.


Postal address: Section of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products,
Department of Pharmacy, 
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,
Panepistimiopolis, 157 71
Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30(210) 7274727