Professor,  Section of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry




  • Degree in Pharmacy, University of Athens (1981)
  • MSc in Medicinal Chemistry – Natural Products Chemistry, PARIS V University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris, France (1984)
  • PhD in Pharmacognosy, PARIS V University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris, France (1987)


  • Undergraduate courses: Special courses of Spectroscopy, Pharmacognosy II, 
  • Pharmacognosy III Labs
  • Graduate courses: Spectroscopy I, Bioactive natural products, Introduction to Good Laboratory Practice, Bibliographic Search on Specialized Topics, Applications of natural products to cosmetics, special nutrition products and regulations

Research topics

  • Isolation, separation and identification of bioactive natural products with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic interest,by chromatographic and spectroscopic methods.
  • Synthesis of natural products and their derivatives by semi-synthesis or total synthesis.
  • Pharmacological evaluation of pure compounds, plant extracts and volatile constituents in collaboration with other research entities.
  • Exploitation of raw materials of natural origin for the production of molecules of research and commercial interest.


  • International awards: UNIFAR 1984 and 1986, ROYSSEL 1985, Dissertation Award FONDATION ROBERT, 1987.

Recent publications

  • E. Mikropoulou, E. Petrakis, A. Argyropoulou, S. Mitakou, M. Halabalaki, A. L. Skaltsounis. Quantification of bioactive lignans in sesame seeds using HPTLC densitometry: Comparative evaluation by HPLC-PDA, 2019, Food Chemistry, 288, 1-7.
  • D. Galanis, K. Soultanis, P. Lelovas, A. Zervas, P. Papadopoulos, A. Galanos, K. Argyropoulou, M. Makropoulou, A. Patsaki, C. Passali, A.  Tsingotjidou, S. Kourkoulis, S. Mitakou, I. Dontas.  Protective effect of Glycyrrhizaglabra roots extract on bone mineral density of ovariectomized rats. BioMedicine (ISSN 2211-8039)  2019, 9(2), 2-12.   DOI: 10.1051/bmdcn/2019090208
  • N. Fokialakis, X. Alexi, N. Aligiannis, A. Boulaka, A. K. Meligova, G. Lambrinidis, E. Kalpoutzakis, H. Pratsinis, A. Cheilari, D. Mitsiou, S. Mitakou, M. N. Alexis. Biological evaluation of isoflavonoids from Genista halacsyi using estrogen-target cells: Activities of glucosides compared to aglycones, 2019, PLoS ONE, 14(1),e0210247.
  • D. Stagos, D. Balabanos, S. Savva, Z. Skaperda, A. Priftis, E. Kerasioti, E. V. Mikropoulou, K. Vougogiannopoulou, S. Mitakou, M. Halabalaki, D. Kouretas. Extracts from the mediterranean food plants Carthamus lanatus, Cichorium intybus, and Cichorium spinosum enhanced GSH levels and increased Nrf2 expression in human endothelial cells, 2018, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2018. 6594101.
  • E.V. Mikropoulou, K. Vougogiannopoulou, E. Kalpoutzakis, A. D. Sklirou, Z. Skaperda, J. Houriet, J. L. Wolfender, I. P. Trougakos, D. Kouretas, M. Halabalaki, S. Mitakou.  Phytochemical composition of the decoctions of Greek edible greens (chórta) and evaluation of antioxidant and cytotoxic properties, 2018, Molecules 23(7), 1541.


Postal address: Section of Pharmacognosy and Natural products chemistry
Department of Pharmacy,
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,
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Athens, Greece
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