Professor,  Section of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry


Research Activities



  • Degree in Pharmacy, University of Athens (1981)
  • MSc in Medicinal Chemistry – Natural Products Chemistry, Paris V University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris, France (1982)
  • MSc in Organic Chemistry, Paris XI University, Paris, France (1984)
  • PhD in Pharmacognosy, Paris V University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris, France (1987)


  • Undergraduate courses: Pharmacognosy II, Pharmacognosy II Labs
  • Graduate courses: Chemistry of Natural Products, Marine Pharmacognosy & Synthesis of natural products, Introduction to Good Laboratory Practice, Bibliographic Search on Specialized Topics

Research topics

  • Isolation, separation and identification of bioactive natural products with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic interest,by chromatographic and spectroscopic methods.
  • Structure elucidation of natural products using state-of-the-art spectroscopic techniques (NMR, HRMS) and computational stuidies (In silico studies & Molecular Modeling). MS- and NMR-based metabonomics and proteomics.
  • Synthesis of natural products and their derivatives by semi-synthesis or total synthesis.
  • Pharmacological evaluation of pure compounds, plant extracts and volatile constituents in collaboration with other research entities.
  • Exploitation of raw materials of natural origin for the production of molecules of research and commercial interest.


  • International awards: Roussel Prize (1983), Nativelle Prize (1984), First Prize in Doctorate Degree (1987)

Recent publications

  • Eirini Baira, Ioanna Dagla, Eleni Siapi, Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Anthony Tsarbopoulos, Panagiotis Simitzis, Michael Goliomytis,Stelios G Deligeorgis, Alexios-Leandros Skaltsounis, Evagelos Gikas. Development of a Validated UHPLC-ESI (-)-HRMS Methodology for the Simultaneous Quantitative Determination of Hesperidin, Hesperetin, Naringin, and Naringenin in Chicken Plasma. Food Analytical Methods, 2019, 12 (5), 1187–1196.
  • Panagiota-EfstathiaNikolaou, KerstinBoengler, PanagiotisEfentakis, KonstantinaVouvogiannopoulou, AnastasiaZoga, NicholasGaboriaud-Kolar, Vassilios Myrianthopoulos, Pavlos Alexakos, Nikolaos Kostomitsopoulos,Ioannis Rerras, AnnaTsantili-Kakoulidou, AlexiosLeandros Skaltsounis, Andreas Papapetropoulos,Efstathios K Iliodromitis, Rainer Schulz, Ioanna Andreadou. Investigatingandre-evaluatingtheroleofglycogensynthasekinase 3 betakinaseas a moleculartargetforcardioprotectionbyusingnovelpharmacologicalinhibitors. Cardiovascular Research, 2019, 115(7), 1228– 1243
  • Antonia Efstathiou,Nicolas Gaboriaud-Kolar, Vassilios Myrianthopoulos, Konstantina Vougogiannopoulou, Ines Subota, Stephanie Aicher, Emmanuel Mikros, Philippe Bastin, Alexios-Leandros Skaltsounis, Ketty Soteriadou, Despina SmirlisIndirubin Analogues Inhibit Trypanosoma brucei Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Short and T. brucei Growth. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2019, 63(6), e02065-18.


Postal address: Section of Pharmacognosy and Natural products chemistry
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