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The master’s degree in Cosmetology-Dermatopharmacology is provided by the Pharmaceutical Technology lab, Section of the Pharmaceutical Technology, in Department of Pharmacy. This Postgraduate Degree of Specialisation cycle of studies aims at the knowledge of activity and mechanisms of therapeutic compounds and final topical products which significantly contribute to the prevention, therapy and general health  of the skin. The objective of the master’s degree is to produce professionals specialized in the field of industrial topical drugs, medical devices and cosmetics, hospital and skin health services as well to the field of research in skin pharmacology and toxicology.

This master’s cycle of studies provides theoretical background through theoretical and practical skills. The theoretical courses cover general topics like pharmaceutical analysis, microbiology, statistics, molecular pharmacology and specialized topics like  physiology and skin pathology, dermatopharmacology and dermatotoxicology, skin immunity, biochemistry,  genetics, environment and nutrition, cosmetology, legislation, natural products, nanotechnology, control and evaluation of topical products. Practice includes clinical, laboratory, research and industrial exercice. 

The Duration is three semesters full time studies, with two semester courses (60 ECTS)  and practice training in Hospital Andreas Syggros, in Department of Pharmacy and in Industry of Cosmetics or Pharmaceutical Industry. The last nine months include a research thesis which be directed to any or to a combination of the above fields  (30 ECTS).

Entry requirements

It is designed for graduates, mainly from Department of Pharmacy and School of Medicine (80% of selected students) as well  from Departments of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, and related disciplines (20% of selected students).  Selection criteria include the graduation degree and the degrees in relevant courses, recommendation letters, an additional graduation degree or master’s degree in a similar field etc. A research experience in the field of interest or a similar field, demonstrated by publications or presentations in conferences will be a serious advantage for eligibility.  Graduates from Foreign Universities should have a degree recognized by the Hellenic National Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP). The level of English language knowlelde should be at leaset B2.

Each candidate should participate in an interview hosted by the master’s degrees committee. 


Required Modules (48 ECTS):

Skin Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Activity – toxicity of topical drugs and cosmetics
Control and evaluation of topical products
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Statistical Methods and Applications to Pharmaceutical Sciences
Environment, nutrition and skin 
Skin biochemistry and pharmacogenetics
Nanotechnology and natural products to skin pharmacology and cosmetology
Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis
Molecular Pharmacology and oxidative stress
Basic and Clinical Skin Immunology
Enterprising in Pharmacy 

Clinical and laboratory training,  Practice in pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry (12 ECTS)

Research thesis (30 ECTS)


Tuition Fees:  2,400 € for the three semesters master’s studies. A waiver for fees can be granted for students with low family income. 

Potential Supervisors

Dr M. Rallis from Section of Pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Pharmacy (NKUA).  The research project can be performed also in collaboration with colleagues from other Institutes e.g. National Institute of Research, National Technical University of Athens, NCSR Demokritos, Medical School (NKUA) ie Dermatological Hospital Andreas Syggros, and colleagues from Department of Pharmacy (NKUA). 

Studies Guide