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(Compulsory - elective / Teaching hours per week: 4 / Laboratory hours per week: 3 for 5 weeks /Assessment:final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 6 )


Prof. Dr. Constantinos E. Vorgias
Prof. Andreas Scorilas 

Course site (e-class):


    • Introduction to Biochemistry,
    • Αmino acids, proteins, proteins structure and function,
    • Εnzymes, kinetics and mechanisms,
    • Ιntroduction to Molecular Biology, structure and function of nucleic acids, replication, transcription, translation, regulation of gene expression, genetic engineering, protein synthesis,
    • Proteins metabolism (degradation, urea cycle),
    • Sugars metabolism (catabolism and anabolism),
    • Lipids metabolism (catabolism and anabolism),
Regulation of metabolism, hormones,
    • Structure and function of membranes,
    • Principles of Molecular Diagnosis and Pharmacogenomics.