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Compulsory  Teaching hours per week: 4 Laboratory hours per week: 1 per student’s group Assessment:final exam (written, multiple choice) at the end of each term and September Credits: 6


Athanasios Tsakris, Professor
AristeaVelegraki, Assoc. Professor
Georgia Vrioni, Assoc. Professor
VassilikiGennimata, Professor
EvangeliaDimitroulia, Ass. Professor
George Kaparos, Assoc. Professor
NikitasKapotas, Ass. Professor
ViolettaKapsimali, Assoc. Professor
VassilikiKoumaki, Lecturer
Joseph Meletiadis, Ass. Professor
Joseph Papaparaskevas, Assoc. Professor
Evangelia-TheophanoPiperaki, Ass. Professor
TheodorosPittaras, Ass. Professor
VassilikiPitiriga, Ass. Professor
IoannisRoutsias, Ass. Professor
Nikolaos Siafakas, Ass. Professor
Nikolaos Spanakis, Assoc. Professor
Panagiotis Tassios, Assoc. Professor
Leonidas Tzouvelekis, Assoc. Professor
Emilia Hadziyannis, Assoc. Professor

Course site (e-class): MED833


    • Bacteriology: introduction, metabolism, classification, morphology, structure, growth, disinfection, sterilization, control of microbial growth, genetics
    • Antimicrobial drugs: antibacterial antibiotics, susceptibility test methods
    • General characteristics of viruses, structure, taxonomy, multiplication, antiviral drugs. General characteristics of fungi, fungal diseases, antifungal drugs.
    • General characteristics of parasites, protozoa, helminths, antiparasitic drugs.
    • Immunology: innate immunity, microbiome, first-second line of defense.  Adaptive immunity,  humoral immunity, cellular immunity, antibodies, cytokines, vaccines, disorders of the immune system
    • Principles of infections, epidemiology, pathogenesis, nosocomial infections, transmission, spread of infections, infection patterns
    • Infections of the skin and the eyes, the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and the reproductive system. Viral infections
    • Laboratory examination of the microbes: microscopy, stains, Gram stain, cultures, antibiogram
    • Microbiological diagnosis of the upper and lower respiratory tract, tuberculosis, leprosy, urine culture
    • Antibiogram methods, antibiogram interpretation. Sexually transmitted diseases