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Compulsory /Teaching hours per week: 3 /Assessment:final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 4


Costas Demetzos, Professor 
IrenePanderi, Professor
EleniSkaltsa, Professor (Course coordinator)

Course site (e-class):


    • Pharmacies: Laws and regulations concerning the establishment and operation of a pharmacy open to the public.
    • Hospital Pharmacies: Laws and Regulations
    • Code of Pharmaceutical Deontology
    • Medicines Distribution Code (G.D.P.)
    • Medicinal products: Forms, conditions of release, definitions. 
    • Drug Warehouse: Laws and Regulations concerning the Establishment and Operation of a Drug Warehouse.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry: Laws and regulations concerning the establishment and operation.
    • Medicines Organizations (EOF, IFET, EMA, FDA etc.)
    • Health Law: soft law and hard law for advanced medicinal technologies. 
    • Regulatory framework for Biotech and biosimilar, Nanotech and nanosimilars.
    • Regulatory issues for generic medicinal products
    • European Community Legislation: new product release specifications. Description of TCD.
    • Pharmaceutical Ethics: Codes of Ethics and the Pharmacist's Role in Public Health.
    • Legislation of Narcotics: Tables, prescriptions, formulations.
    • Legislation of herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, food supplements, cosmetics.