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(Compulsory course / Teaching hours per week: 3 / Laboratory work: 16 hours in total/ Assessment: final exam at the end of each term or September/ Credits: 5)


D. Tzeli (Assoc. Professor), Department of Chemistry NKUoA,, τel. 2107274307


    • Concepts and laws of Thermodynamics
    • Internal energy, enthalpy, Helmholtz and Gibbs free energy, entropy,chemical potential
    • Fundamental and state equations - equilibrium conditions
    • Phase rule, phase equilibria and Clausius – Clapeyron equation
    • Multi-component equilibria
    • Colligative properties
Laboratory work:
    • Boiling point vs. composition diagrams
    • Ebulioscopic determination of molecular weights
    • Partially miscible liquids
    • Surface tension of liquids and solutions
    • Conductivity of solutions
    • Electrochemical cells
    • Viscosity of liquids